WTS Orca Pilot Sale cancelled! Games without content kinda suck!

(Groov) #1


All CCP rules apply

pos wallet,
in hi sec,
no assets,
1 jc with full rack +3’s,
2 empty jc’s in hi sec,
3 x remaps

good clean character, well placed skills, just drone mining rakes in 120m a day and he can also do pve stuff for even more isk per day

9b b/o

(Groov) #2

the daily bump

(Groov) #3


(TheDancer Girl) #4

3,5 bil

(Groov) #5

Thanks for getting things started…but no, not for 3.5b

(Elim Garyk) #6

4.5 bil

(Gabriel Lebovski) #7

Continuing the discussion from WTS Orca Pilot with some other decent skills 7.2m:


(Furby Scalper) #8

offering 5.5b

(necocat Meow) #9

I will do 5.5 billion if other offers fall through.

(Groov) #10

sale cancelled, can’t even be bothered to log into this game anymore…

(RebelKiwi) #11

useless my orca pilot had 5m sp perfect boosting alt or afk miner and you want alot for this lol you’re kidding your self

(system) #12

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