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(Vatjob 00008) #1

WTS: Vatjob 0008 SKILLS


ORCA EXHUMER Pilot with good reprocessing skills.

PI skills at level 5, can generate 150-200mil per week in Null sec passive income.

Skill Points – 12,218,308

Jump Clone Location – No Jump Clones

Kill Rights – No kill Rights

Wallet Balance – Will have a positive wallet balance.

Character Location – Sehmy VIII – Moon2 – Hedion University

ReMap Available: No

Transfer Fee – I will Pay

Corp: Will be in NPC corp at time of sale

Starting Price – 11b

Buyout: 15bil

(Pedantic) #2

I will offer 11.1bil b/o

(Johanna Silberglanz) #3

i’ll go with 11b

(Pedantic) #5

ill give it to you for that, it aint worth it…

(Vatjob 00008) #6

Daily Bump

(Vatjob 00008) #7

11.2 current high bid

(Vatjob 00008) #8

Buyout lowered

(Pedantic) #9

your toon just simple isn’t worth 15b for a orca/mining pilot. unless people wanna extract the skills down to 5 mil and use as a SP farm…

you might need to rethink ya price if ur wanting to sell.

(Vatjob 00008) #10

Daily bump

(Vatjob 00008) #11

Bump Bump

(Vatjob 00008) #12

Bump Bump Bump

(Dark Genie) #14

offer 8B if accept email me ingame

(system) #15

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