11M SP Orca pilot, miner

Selling a character with 11M SP Orca pilot, can fly barges, uses Veldspar mining crystals and has a decent science skills for blueprint invention. Located in Botane NPC station.
Bidding starts at 7B



4Bil ISK ready

No, thank you…

bumping :slight_smile:

bump :slight_smile:

i can do 5 bil

Ill offer 5.5 bill

I’ll go the 7bn

7.5B offer

7.6b isk

7.75 Bil

Hi, i was away for a few days, are you still interested?

Yep, online now

ok, ill give it to you for 7.75B

Isk and info sent in game.


ok, i never done this before, i need to figure how to transfer the toon, if you have some tips let me know.

No prob.

Go to https://secure.eveonline.com/, log in.
In footer menu click Character Transfer, put my Account Name, sent via EVE Mail and pay )

Let me know if you have another question

i need to pay 20$?

Character transfer initiated. Thank you!

ops ok