WTS 144M SP Carrier/Super pilot

Skillboard: Wovensalvation

Required Information:
Positive ISK Balance
NPC corp
No Kill Rights
1 Jump Clone with +5 implants located in low sec
Character Located in Amarr space, High sec in a station
Security Status 5.0

Need a super carrier pilot with perfect drone/fighter skills? look no further.
And if you find holes in the skill set you need, you can patch that with the 5M unallocated SP

Buyout: 90B ISK

All CCP rules and regulations apply

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  • All quotation withdrawn

I’ll start with a 75B bid.

80B highest bid heard

81B bid


82 billions

82B bid heard

83B bid

offer 85b

85B bid heard.

New buyout set to 90B.

85.5 b

90 b
If it acceptable, I need some time to sell PLEX to ISK

How much time do you need?

I think 1-2 day would be enough. Frankly speaking I think 1 day would be enough, but I wanna have some additional time capacity for things that can’t be predicted but can happen in life.

What do you think?

Sure why not, send isk once you have them ready.

My 90bisk can be transferred at any time, when can we start the role transfer?

@carlotte As @Optical_Deon did not respond before you did, send isk and account and I will start transfer.

  • Can I send ISK now?

yes, and account in ingame mail and I will start transfer