Want to sell 2010 super carrier/logistic focused pilot. It will give you lots of isk farming anomalies or repairing capitals tacled by bombers bar.

Pilot it is in full slave clone and has gal.carrier 5

Starting bid:51 bilj
BO:60 bilj
Auction ends: 25.2.2019 at 20:00 eve time

Skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Vetrenaia

Fly save

I’ll do 51 bil. Isk must be sent to char being sold

Thank you for pointing out. I did edit.

52b isk offered

60 bil b/o right now. Where is the pilot located? Wallet balance?

61b offered

Queen Currancy , plz tell me when you are online so we can manage transfer and payment. Send isk to Vetrenaia andplz add to what account name you want this nice character. Or you can writte it here.

Thank you

sending iska nd account info

Ok, waiting for it.

isk and account info sent

waiting for transfer

Received payment, Transfer will start now to , as he send me isk and mail of name of character .
Thank you again and fly save

please dont announce the name of my account remoev it from your post

Sorry, i removed it. Transfer is in proces of waiting cpp to finish it.

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