Sold .....done

(Bertha Audeles) #1

I want to sell this VNI pilot , perfect printing isk machine . It can also fly interceptor and ferox and some other ships .
Make me an offer I can not refuse !! Will sell if the price is above 10 bill

Uncollateralized Loans 150b 5% 1-2months :man_office_worker:
(TheBank Manager) #2

10bil +1isk

(Bertha Audeles) #3

Send isk and account details .

(TheBank Manager) #4

Comfirmed, will send isk when home

(Captainamazing) #5

10b bo isk ready online now

(Bertha Audeles) #6

Send the isk and details

(Captainamazing) #7

isk and acc send ,wait trans

(TheBank Manager) #8

lol i just got home to see this sniped … wow

(Bertha Audeles) #9

Sorry , mate , he was faster with sending the isk !!

(Bertha Audeles) #10

Transfer initiated !! Thank you !!

(Captainamazing) #11

ye ok thanks

(system) #12

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