Car and supercar pilot

Hello everyone, pilot can fly Hel, Aeon, Nidhoggur, Archon.
pilot skills link:
In npc corp, moved to high sec, security status is 5.0, no kill rights, wallet is positive, no jump clones.
Price is 23 bil

23b b/o…

Are you using a $20 transfer role? If so, 25B

ok ,I will send ISK

My bid still stands

Oh, let me log in.

I can offer 25b

contact me please

25 bil bid accepted. Waiting isk and account info

25 bil offer accepted. Waiting for isk and info

All sent.

uhm, I was about to send the isk, after being told my offer was accepted in game… did you offer and send 25b now Temp?!

I have already sent isk and account info to him.

The seller says in game that he did not receive the isk - I have to take my offer back, until this is resolved between you two, I hope everything is alright ^^

Well then, interesting.

@Ayvon_Khardula @Scarf_Ace These two characters seems belong to the same person as the @Scarf_Ace confirmed the sale and delete his message afterwards immediately.

I guess I have been scammed. I’m gonna petition ccp for this.

And @Scarf_Ace also had another thread few days ago with the similar situation.

@Ayvon_Khardula Please respond to the status of the character sale.

The above link is the character I was trying to buy, and I getting 4xx error here, I believe he revoked the access and this is another scam post of him.

I think this needs further GM investigation. @ISD_Yumi

This person is a liar. I gave ISK to him. Has he sold it to someone else?

I was cheated. I have already given ISK to him. How can I get my money back?

If you’ve already sent ISK over please file a support ticket, if you haven’t already so it can be properly investigated.