[Sold] WTS 42.4 mil Carrier pilot

The character has been sold.

Skillboard: Anivollt

  • Positive ISK Balance
  • No Kill rights
  • NPC Corp
  • No Jump Clones - Current clone got +4 implants
  • Character is located in Jita 4-4
  • Positive security status

Good Minmatar carrier pilot, JDC 5
Decent missiles skills

Buyout: 31B

offer 24b


31b buy out

BO accepted.
Please proceed with the ISK deposit and provide to me the extra information needed to go through the character transfer via in game email. Update the thread here with the status.

I will then proceed with the transfer as soon as i’m back from work.

Isk sent, in game mail sent


ISK and details received.

I’m unable to initiate the character transfer atm due to some unexpected errors hitting the website -

I will retry every few minutes and let you know when the transfer has been initiated.

It went through - Character transfer initiated

Please Note:

For security reasons, character transfers are processed with a 10-hour delay, during which the character is frozen and cannot be used.

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