WTS Carrier pilot


Looking to sell a decent carrier pilot

i offer 1B

if you are going to troll please go somewhere else…

Honestly, you should probably read the posting guidelines and edit the main post. Also put what you starting price may be. Nearly 50m sp and to be honest the skills arent to good

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30B offer accepted, send isk and account details and I’ll transfer character!

ISK and account info sent. Please confirm receipt & Proceed with Transfer

@Subject_AZ915L Please confirm ISK and begin transfer. I’ve sent you ISK 25 min ago

Will send when I get home in 3 hrs please wait

Can you wait until I get home?

Sure, ok. You hadn’t mentioned anything about a wait so just making sure you’re not a scammer.

Scamming in bazzar is a bannable offense which i will not take part of… enjoy your character in 10 hours and thank you for the 30B

Character Transfer Received

Thanks, but you’d be surprised how often it happens. Last time it took them over 1 month to restore my account after I bought a character that had been hacked.

I enjoy playing eve and do not tolerate such activities… again, enjoy your character and thanks for the purchase!

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