WTS 17.5m Carrier Pilot/Sitter

For sale, going a different route ingame now.
Positive wallet, positive sec status. Docked in jita currently.
2 remaps available. In NPC corp
Has Fighters 5, JDC 4 training to 5.
Gallente carrier 3, caldari carrier 1.
Start 1isk

If I’ve missed anything let me know

12b but need couple hours

Yeah don’t rush won’t be selling for 12b

how about 15, but you need to be in npc corp per bazaar rules

It is in NPC Corp in game

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I can confirm, as of 17:53 CET 26th of March, 2019, he is in NPC Corp :smile:


19B B/O

If I accept my bid, I will arrive home and send ISK in 8 hours.

Nvm I retract my offer

I won’t be home for 13hrs due to work, if nothing comes before then I’ll accept your offer

OK,I’m online

Just got home will be on in half an hr

OK,I’m online,NOW

Accept 19b please transfer isk and send account name

ISK, the account has been sent

Ticket made for transfer. Confirm once you get character. Thanks

OK, I will reply if I receive the character.

The character has received ~

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