WTS 45m SP Carrier Pilot Isk Making Machine!

Title says it all, character has very good carrier skills and has 40-55m ticks when in a rhythm running serpentis sites not to mention money made off of selling Shipyards.


B/O - 45B

32.0 b

And your character to sell needs to be in an NPC corp when offered.

34 bil

daily bump

35 bil.

36b online now

38b online now

38b now. If super dazz still don’t reply.


39B b/o accepted, send isk and account info

Sw you log on. If no reply from last offer. Let me know.

copy that

accepting 38b from as agreed in game, Zhanhuang xiaohao was acting far to sketchy to move forward with deal.

Ok. I win I win. Sending isk n account to transfer to.

isk received, starting xfer

Thank you.
I will make him great again as a pirate. Lol

Has toon been transfer?
I did not see pending transaction yet.
Is it being done?


This is Garth, the transfer was initiated over an hour ago, you should have email

Yes. Thank you.