[SOLD] WTS 5M SP Caldari Pilot

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Gaeron_Aivoras Password 951236
Located in Jita-4
No Killrights
No Jump clones
1 Remap Available
-1.4 Security Status

2b offered

You do realize it cost 3bil in Plex for char transfer fee’s your asking him to pay to take his alt lol’s.

You do realize that you can do transfers with cash, and that’s by far the most common way they’re done, right? And it’s $20 USD to do so. $20 would only get you 500 plex if bought with cash. So for $20 hes getting 2b isk instead of ~1.6b isk or so. Just saying.

2.5 bill b/o

(and off topic, I though transfers fees paid with plex was a pita/broken atm?)

2.5 bill b/o

(and off topic, I though transfers fees paid with plex was a pita/broken atm?)

Now properly posted/replied to OP (sorry)

Yeah you have to put in a support ticket but it can still be done.

Yeah, but it costs 1000plex for transfer, not a good way to use.

My offer of 2.5 bill b/o still stands and online with now to transfer you the ISK

Hello, 2.7b and we will have a deal.

Excellent. 2.7 it is. Will drop you a note (and ISK) right away.

Gratz and thanks again.

Okay waiting isk and account info

Mail and Isk sent.

Got the info and isk. But it says ‘‘Target user is already involved in a character transfer.’’ Do you want me to return the isk till it is complete?

Ah, no worries. You hang on it… the earlier transfer should complete 23:00 tonight.

Okay, I will be sending the character once your other transfer complete.

Sorry buddy. Didn’t know you couldn’t do more than one transfer per account at the same time.

The other transfer from a purchase made earlier completes around 23:15 (eve time tonight)

Re: WTS 100% focused RATTLESNAKE ALT 17,7M sp

Thanks for your understanding. Hang on to the ISK and transfer when it suits you best.

Have a great day!

It is pretty late right now in my country i need to sleep, I will be transfering it tomorrow morning before going to work.

No problem, no worries. Sleep well and catch in the morrow.

Thanks again and sorry.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Gaeron Aivoras

Will be completed after: 3/16/2018 1:24:17 PM

Did you get the mail for transfer?