WTS 25m skill point caldari mission runner

No kill rights
Positive wallet
3 bonus skill remaps 1 yearly
currently 25k unallocated sp with 50k more at end of weekend (assuming I don’t forget to login)
Pilot in high sec in station


15 bil

I’d take 15 bil if you let me pay transfer with plex.

That’s fine. I see in-game that you’ve dropped corp as well (it’s not updated on eveskillboard yet)

oh shoot. I can remake that skillboard if you like? sorry about that

It’s fine. You’ve dropped corp, so that’s what matters. We go ahead with ISK / acc info?

yes, I’ll be 100% honest I’ve never done a character transfer before so once I get the isk it might take me a little while to get the transfer done. just send me ingame which acct it goes to?

also, I was not specific but I am in Rens station

That’s fine. Description of transfer mechanics is on https://eveskillboard.com/guides/transfer
I’ll send ISK and acc info now

thanks. I’ve read them twice to try to make sure I understood BEFORE I offered to sell. Just wanted to let you know.

ISK, recieved. Account transfer initiated.

I wanted this :frowning:

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