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Mostly specialized in caldari ships and missiles. Perfect mission runner with high standings in caldari space.

No killrights
In NPC corp
Positive wallet
Location Jita 4-4
High grade Crystal set

I will consider offers of 45bil or more.

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Bit low but needs work, will start you off with a 35b offer.

Thank you for the offer, but a bit low as you say.
I’m in no rush to sell so I will let this run for a few more days and see what happens.

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45 bil BO, ready to send isks

Thank you, 45B BO offer accepted.
I will start transfer as soon as I get isk and account info via eve-mail to this character.

Isks and account details have been sent, awaiting for the character

Hi there Kaliostra Girl.

I have recieved the ISK and account info, but when I tried to transfer the character it was locked for transfer. I had a chat with a GM about it and he opened a ticket so now the player Experience team is going to solve it hopefully. He could not say how long it will take though.
Do you want me to transfer the ISK back, or do you want to wait?

I’m really sorry for this!

It’s ok. lets wait gm’s reply

Ok, keeping you updated.

The character must be a member of an NPC corporation. For security reasons, members of a player corporation cannot be transferred while they are a member of that corporation, even if the target account is used by the same player.
The skill training for the character to be transferred must be paused.
The character must be older than 14 days.
Fees must be paid by credit card or PayPal. Unfortunately, no other bank transfers are currently available.

Yeah I know, and It should all be ok.
Still no reply on the ticket, maybee it’s best to send you the ISK back and when/if it is resolved I get back to you?

Sending you ingame another account name. Please try to send on it. If no let’s do this way - refund and awaiting ticket reply

another account name has been sent

Still locked for transfer. ISK refunded to you.
When/if it gets sorted I’ll get back to you.

Received money , please let me know when the problem is solved

Nothing New for Transfer ???

Nope sorry, still havent got a reply on the ticket. I will get back to you when I do.

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