Focused Miner [18.6m SP]

Looking for Best offers, Let the bidding begin!

13b i offer

I am looking for at least 15b, if nobody offers, within the next 24 hr I’ll sell to you

ok thx

Changed my mind, I’ll sell for 13b isk, send money to toon being sold

Isk Transfered , as aggreed and email sent, i will be waiting

Says character transfer is locked, please contact support.

Are you currently transferring another pilot?

no i m not transfering another pilot

well i sent u the isk why shouldnt it work?

When I pay to transfer it says character is locked, I’ve contacted support, when I get back I’ll send you the isk back while I wait for support to respond

ok i will wait for u to come back

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Thank you, currently at work

CCP has removed restrictions, please resend email of account name to transfer


the message in game i mean

Sorry before transferring k deleted all msg even the the original you sent, Thank you for responding, I should be home in 2 hours and I transfer

I was able to transfer char via my smart phone, please wait 10.hours to enjoy playing the pilot, thank you!

character recieved, thx, i will take care of it

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