(SOLD) WTS 29M SP hauling/Mining toon

Caldari Freighter V, Exhumers V, Mining Barge V, Industrial Command Ships V
Decent name.
Located in Jita
No-kill rights
Pos sec
Pos wallet
2 remaps

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jack_Crow PW: 1234


17B ISK ready at any moment

17.5B Offer

18 billion

19Bil offer

19.2 billion

I guess I know what I’m doing.

20B bid excepted. Send ISK and account info to in game mailbox.

I’m gonna have to drop my offer as I am considering another offer. Best of luck!


I don’t see what’s funny? That allows you to get this character right?

no worries. :slight_smile:

18 billion


Still available. make me an reasonable offer


20B bid excepted. Please send ISK and account information.

okay. how do I send you my accouint info? that part i donty know how to do lol

through in game email. make sure you have a free spot on the account you want the toon to go to, then send me the account name by in game email.

I sent you ingasme mail let me know if you recieved it. want to make sure this is the right toon before I send isk

received account info