WTS 5.2m SP Starter Carrier / Skillfarm Pilot

I am for sale


Standard starter character with most points in Spaceship Command / Navigation. Intended to be a carrier sitter, she can be used as an SP farm as well.

Capital Ships injected (400m)
+4 Implants injected (100m)

50k unallocated SP.
Pos wallet.
No killrights.
No jumpclones.
2 remaps available.
Completely clean employment history.

B/O 4.5B

Bid 3.5 Billion

B/O is 4.5B

And I bid 3.5 Billion

This is not an auction. This is a sale. I am online if you wish to pay 4.5B, otherwise please refrain from posting in this thread anymore. Thank you.

My mistake. Most, if not all, posts here are auctions.

Fair enough. Sales ad does not state b/o only nor is it flagged selling.

Not your mistake Nelson

4.5 B/O

Have to leave for work, can send the isk in ~9 hours if accepted.

That’s np. As soon as you send the ISK and mail the account name, I will start the transfer.

Isk and evemail sent

Received! Thank you for a smooth transaction. I initiated the transfer, hope you enjoy.

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