(SOLD) WTS 5m sp wormhole starter pilot

WTS 5m sp wormhole starter pilot
Can use T2 gas havester,
Can fly Nestor/Myrmidon with basic drone skills.

pw: 123

positive isk wallet,
positive standing,
in NPC corp,
in highsec,
no killright,
1+2 remaps available.

Starting bid: 4.5b
B/O: 5b

B/O lowered!


Ill do 4billion.

Thank you for your offer, but the starting bid is 4.5 bil.

srry, editing offer to 4.5bil

didn’t mean to make that adjustment after you accepted

Then he is yours.
Plz send isk to this character and account info. :slight_smile:

aww, that is ok, but lets wait for a little bit long. :smile:

actually i dont want to wait, plz send isk and account info.

sending info now

ISK and account info received.
i got stuck a bit, ticket submitted to ccp.
Sorry for the waiting.

damn, im gonna trash my mac.
transfer started.


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