SOLD WTS: 5M SP Starter pilot

I am looking for a new master.

  • Skills (Password: scum)
  • Nice name
  • Good basic skills
  • 60k Allocated
  • 2 Remaps

Char is in Jita and has a positive wallet balance.

All CPP Rules Apply,

Start: 3.5b
B/O: suprise me


I already send the isk and account name.

Thanks for the enthusiastic steps you have done.

I have send the ISK (3.5b) as it is a start big. Second reason is also that i am the seller and decides when i am sold knowing this is something which is done on both sides.

I am looking abit more then the starting bid. Thank you

Deal done in evemail, already send the new isk and is the same account.


Support ticket is created for transfer. Grats on your new char.

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