WTS Starter Thanatos/Nyx 21M SP

Selling starter Gallente carrier pilot with all core and support skills ready to go. Only missing carrier 5 + fighters 5 and you’re ready to go.


All rules apply and transfer will be done via PLEX. Buyout is 20b.

15B offer

No need to waste your time.

17B i offer

I like this role,

But I only have 19B,

can i have it?

20B offer

I’ll accept 20b. Please send ISK and account name and I will open the petition for CCP to initiate the transfer with PLEX.

isk and account info sent,plz check

ISK and account name received. I have created the petition to transfer using PLEX, it may take CCP a few days to respond so please be patient. I will update you as soon as I know more.

How long will I need to wait?

Plex transfers are no more, so if you are unlucky the trade will be canceled

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No reply from CCP yet but I am hoping they will honour PLEX transfers that were requested before their announcement.

You wont get one.

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~ISD Sakimura

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No one asked you to start sperging in my thread. If CCP has any decency they will honour sale arrangements prior to the announcement and if not, ISK will obviously be given back to the buyer and the sale doesn’t happen. Now ■■■■ off from my thread and cry about scams elsewhere because any person with any common sense can easily establish that you return the ISK and everything is fine.

You are talking about common sense, while the company changes the rules and doesnt tell us about it.

I am also in no way saying, that you wanted to scam somebody or that you cant figure out a solution. Im just saying that CCP ■■■■■■ you guys over.

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This is my character sale thread, not a place for you to complain about CCP’s decision to remove PLEX transfers. Yes, it’s a poorly implemented change and no, I am not happy about it. Now shut the ■■■■ up and ■■■■ off from my thread please.

How long do I have to wait?

Sorry, buddy, I’m canceling the character purchase because CCP canceled the PLEX transfer and I wasted too much time.

I’m going to cancel this purchase. Sorry buddy, I’ve wasted too much time. I don’t need this role anymore.You can return the ISK to my account.

Is your character still for sale? I like him very much, I give 20B