WTS Starter Thanatos/Nyx 21.4M SP

Selling starter Gallente carrier pilot with all core and support skills ready to go. Only missing carrier 5 + fighters 5 and you’re ready to go.


All rules apply. Because transfer for PLEX is no longer possible, new buyout is 22b. Any offers below this will be ignored and character will be extracted if buyout is not reached so don’t waste your time.

22b accepted. Can you wait 20 min for me to liquid asset for isk.?

Yes, that’s fine. When ready, please send ISK and account name in an in-game mail and I will initiate the transfer.

isk sent and character name via mail.

Thank you, give me 20-30 minutes to start the transfer please. I will update here when it is done.

Edit: Transfer started, please verify and confirm to make sure everything is ok.

confirmed. ty

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