[Sold] WTS Gallente 5.9M SP Pilot

(Reven Morz) #1

Great character if you want to get a head start in drone and gallente skills.


No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Stationed at Jita

(BOOM Skjem) #2

4bil b/o

(Reven Morz) #3

@BOOM_Skjem I’ll be home in about two hours, if no other offers then it’s yours.

(BOOM Skjem) #4

okay just lmk when i am good to transfer :slight_smile:

(Reven Morz) #5

@BOOM_Skjem I am now online and ready to accept your offer if it still stands.

(BOOM Skjem) #6

Sent isk, just need to biomass a character first so if you could transfer in 10 hours and a bit that would be lovely

(Reven Morz) #7

@BOOM_Skjem 4 Billion Isk and account information recieved, I will proceed with the transfer in approximately 12 hours. I will update this thread then.

(Reven Morz) #8

First attempt at transfer failed. Target account has too many characters. I will attempt again when @BOOM_Skjem confirms empty character slot.

(BOOM Skjem) #9

Sorry about that, it seems that after putting a character in the biomass queue i still need to do somthing to complete it…

I will get this done in the next 24hrs and update sorry about this

(Reven Morz) #10

It’s not a problem, I will be on standby to transfer when you are ready.

(BOOM Skjem) #11

You should be able to transfer now :slight_smile: thanks

(Reven Morz) #12

@BOOM_Skjem Character transfer initiated. Will be completed after: 6/23/2018 4:03:23 PM. This concludes the sale of this character.

(BOOM Skjem) #13

Got the email, thank you very much!

(system) #14

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