WTS 117m Gallente Cap pilot [SOLD]

I am selling this pilot

Positive wallet
No Kill rights
Located in HiSec

Starting at 65b. Buy out at 75b

offer B/O 75 bil, isks ready
transfer it and account details when when you will be ready to transfer char and accept buy out bid

I accept. I am ready to make the transfer as soon as I receive ISK and account info.

account info and isks sent

Character transferred.
Thank you.

im DO NOT recieved any transfer mail yet

As it is stated in Character baazar rules:
Section E:
2. All character transfers have a 10 hour waiting period for security reasons.
I understand there is a 10 hours wait before it will show in your account and dissapears from mine.

when you initiate char transfer account owner receive transfer mail, so there are no transfer mail
post screenshot of transfer please or i have to petition it as scam

I have paid the transfer fee and character has been removed from my account already.

it’s strange, im still have no transfer mail, ok will wait a bit

upd: character received

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