SOLD WTS 135M SP Subcap pilot

Located in Jita
In NPC corp
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
No Kill rights
No Bounties

B/0 127 b

Rusguy Board - Quantum Anomaly (

100B offer

105B offer

125B offer

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I accept the offer 125 bill. Waiting for isk and account details to begin transfer.

isk send and username send to ur mail

Confirm. transfer will be started soon. Petition to GM have been send

Transferring a character through a petition to the GM takes a little longer than a regular character transfer. For my part, I have fulfilled all my obligations to you, now it’s up to GM. You can also try writing a petition to the GM on your part, perhaps this will speed up the transfer of the character

I have asked the GM about the progress of this matter. I will wait for the transfer to be completed.

I made a second petition to GM. I don’t understand why the character transfer process takes so long

I’ve posted for three days…

Have you got any response to your feedback to GM? My customer service ticket has not been responded to for a day.

I answered you in a message by mail in the game

no response from GM for 4 days

OK, I saw in other posts that Russian account characters need to wait 7 days…
I will wait a few more days. If there is any news, please follow up in time. Thank you

character transfer completed, fly safe

The transfer has been received. I am so excited. I hope we can meet in the sea of ​​stars in the future. Remember to say hello to me then, thank you!