WTS 105 Million SP

WTS 105 Million SP Maurader Pilot

Sitting in NPC CORP
Also in Highsec

Positive Wallet

Electricus70 Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

86B Offer ready to go


Do you have a buyout in mind?

Withdrawn found something better

88B Offer

90B OIffer

Can you confirm whether you are still selling? I can do 91B

still want to sell

95B offer

ok, you ve got a deal!

Thank you
Wait a moment

isk and account sent. Transfer pls.

ISK received. Working on transfer

The character did not receive it

@Electricus70 ,Please confirm if the role has really started to transfer, I have not received any transfer notification!

sorry I have some technical issues. Working with support to solve them

What is the technical problem? Have you solved it now and started to transfer roles!

@Electricus70 ?Please reply!

@GM_Vision Please provide some help. This account owner has not transferred his account since he received isk!