Wts 79m sp

(John Commander) #1

i am for sale
all info there
with sale I am not rush so we will start from 63b and will see what I can get.
char in npc corp in jita, ready to transfer.
if you need any additional information contact me in game pls.
update. positive wallet, 1 remap.

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(John Commander) #2


(John Commander) #3


(Valen Ohke) #4

63 bil

(Maizie Fields) #5

64 billion

(Valen Ohke) #6

67 bil

(John Commander) #7

accepted bid. waiting isk and info for transfer

(Valen Ohke) #8

ISK and info sent

(Valen Ohke) #9

Please confirm that character transfer has started

(Brock Khans) #10

Judging by the wording of the post, accepting a clearly lowball offer well under extraction value and going dark after you sent the isk.

I would deduce that you have joined the buyers scammed here in the last week, and I’d contact Support post haste with a ticket to get a refund/investigate this.

(Fatli Solvent) #11

Considering eveboard says the character has now been drained of SP.
i’d say you are correct, file that potition Valen, take a number and join the que.
i got my number
Another to add to the investigations please

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(ISD Eshtir) #12

(ISD Eshtir) #13

Thread closed, pending GM investigation.