SOLD WTS Balanced Gallente / Drone PVP pilot 17.5m

For other business selling this pilot i dont need more. or

He :

  • smartbomb machariel
  • heavy drones and good damage
  • mediu mhybrid turets enough for instablap Hurrican
  • Large Laser tuirret V
  • Good for brutix and Ferox.

He is in hig hsec, positive wallets but have some kill rights with expiring in 20 days. I fly with him all theweekend in Jita area and the forge without problem moving many ships and making experimentsm and no problem.

If you offer something decent i sell.


Disclaimer :

I can send in the night, transferring other cjaracter in the same account just now.

I am for sale /trade

18 bill

Sold, send me the isk and account i deliver in three or four hours.

which toon am i sending the isk to

send to Trashcan Nate

isk sent

received the isk and account, i transfer as soon i can ( one to two hours )

please confirm transfer receipt

The transfer was done one moment ago, you must receive the mail shortly.

I suggest you chceck the Fits saved in fittings.

i gotcha and i haven’t received any mail on this

Well, i sed to the account name you write in chat amnd you say the account was ok when i send you an evemail. Check your spam folder, and the character need 10 hours to finally arrive.

Please update when the mail or character arrive.
Dear ***

You have chosen to transfer the character Trashcan Nate to the account named ohio***

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

thanks thats the info i was wanting

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