WTS great 79m Erebus/Nyx Pilot Awesome Name :)

Im selling my Cap Pilot:


Gallente Titan V
Gallente Carrier V
Heavy Fighters V

Over 15m in Drones, 17m in Gunnery
Also a good BlackOps Pilot and is able to fly all Carriers, Rorqual and a JF.
Nice allround Capital Alt.

Comes with a High Grade Slave/Amulet in an Yacht in NPC Station

Start 75b
b/o 90b

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Hi i am interested in this

Can you express your interest in numbers?

Ill do your b/o of 90 bill


awaiting payment and accountinformation

Will send isk and acount in 2 hours

Ok. Will be away at that Time and ne back in 12h. Will Start Transfer then

isk and account info

Charactertransfer initiated

Is the account still for sale

received ty

yw. enjoy him as i did

I shall

Still for sale ?

No sorry u have bought the toon

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