WTS 36m focused nyx pilot

wts my self https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/SexehMammah

start bid 35b B/O 45b

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20b offer

36b buyout ! this is the highest price i would pay

still for sale

Friendly Bump

friendly bump

bump still for sale

36B Bid, is it acceptable for you?

ill do 40

38B is the highest i can do, take a deep consideration on this

allright lets do 38b

when are you typiclly online?

i can transfer the isk in 6-7 hrs

allrioght sounds good B/O accept 38b send me evemail with details and ill tranfer when isk are in my wallet

im here now and the next 2-3 hours

still waiting

Isk transferred and the account detail sent via in-game mail

isk rechived transfer ongoing. thanks for deal

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