WTS 94m sp Nyx Pilot, Jump Freighters, Black Ops, Dread

  • Positive wallet
  • 4.97 security status
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Jita
  • In NPC corp

Start: 85 Bil
B/O: 100 Bil

85b it is?

87b offer

90b offer

ok I accept your bet

I have cleaned up this WTS post and removed some off-topic postings.

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still for sale

what is the current bid did you accept his 90B offer or not?

He doesn’t respond, that’s why the pilot is still on sale

you can place your bet

88b have money ready if u wanna sell now

ok I agree

convo me ingame and i send u info

I wrote to you

isk and info sent

Please confirm when you start transfer

just did this

char received