WTS 66.5M SP Nyx/Erebus Pilot

Hey looking to sell myself: Character Sheet)
updated skill sheet

Currently in NPC Corp & will be in Jita 4-4 for transfer
Positive ISK Wallet
No Kill Rights
1 High-Grade Amulet clone will be located in Jita 4-4
(2nd amulet clone, but is unaccessible in LS Keepstar)

Gallente Titan 5
Gallente Carrier 5
Doomsday Operation 5
Doomsday Rapid Firing 5
Heavy Fighters 5
Fighter Hangar Management 5
Perfect Jump Drive skills
Erebus Headhunter/Glittering Dream/Federal Police Skins
Nyx Serpentis Skin

Buyout: 60b

50b isk

52 bil buyout offer. this offer is only valid for the next 12 hours or i might use the isk to buy something else.

52,5b offer


53 bil

55 bil

Skill sheet can’t be reloaded.

Ye this is due to the discontinuing of skillboard ill upload to new site shortly

55.5b isk ready

Bump ill set a b/o @ 60



is the toon still available and for sale ?

available or not ?

reopening this bump


if i’m great just need to learn minmatar carrier and titan for vendetta/vanquisher ?


if it steel up at may 5th, i will buy it 60B, i’m not here until this period

Im for that, if someone matches the offer before then i’ll sell otherwise its yours. Bump