WTS 15,9 M RORQ pilot,

(kur shat) #1

possitive wallet
no kill rights
possitive security
2 remap
located in high sec Todaki 1.0 system
start bid 20 bil

character is in npc corp a bit lagged

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/kur_shat pw : 1234

(Silvery Snail) #2

offer 15b

(yihan Nolando) #3

offer 15.5B

(Feral Macedon) #4

offer 16b

(SelilaLee) #5

offer 16.5

(Dymoxide) #6

Offer 17b

(E-P-C round) #7

offer 17.5B

(MaPa Armer) #8

Offer 18bil

(E-P-C round) #9

offer 18.5B

(mucika) #10

offer 19 BO

(ottomans proud) #11

expecting a bit more heigher offers so will wait a bit more.

(E-P-C round) #12

offer 19.5B

(ottomans proud) #13


(zenci Skor) #14

If no other offer i will sell today at 17.00 eve time to 19,5 bil to e-p-c round if still interested

(ottomans proud) #15

E-P-C round accept your offer if still interested

(E-P-C round) #16

ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks,

(ottomans proud) #17

thank you evry much have open rticket waiting now for transfer.

(E-P-C round) #18

Please let me know when the transfer is complete

(E-P-C round) #19

Has CCP replied to the form you submitted? Roles are not yet received

(ottomans proud) #20

ı send 2 times reminder to ccp no reply yet SUPPORT REQUEST #824617 it is waiting since thursday.