WTS: 18.5m Rorq pilot - SOLD

(Warp to Hero) #1

Positive wallet
high sec
positive sec
PW: 54321

Make offer

(Elea Arbuthnot) #2

15b Buyout

(Slavealt) #3

15.5 bil

(Avallah) #4

16 bil

(Slavealt) #5

16.5 bil

(Sherley Gao) #6

18B Buyout

(Warp to Hero) #8

18b BO accepted. I’ll be on another hour or i’ll catch you tomorrow.

(Sherley Gao) #9

trade right now is ok

(Warp to Hero) #10

I am online

(Sherley Gao) #11

i am waiting for you. you can tell me when you is ok

(Warp to Hero) #12

you can transfer the money now and i’ll send the char

(Sherley Gao) #13

Account Info and ISK already sent to you

Please send char asap

Thank you!

(Warp to Hero) #14

Money received, char transfered

(system) #15

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