WTS Rorq Pilot 24 mill SP

Selling this rorq pilot
she’s in a neut corp
Isk positive
In Jita


17 bil

18 bil

19 bil


lets talk in game if possible see if we can come to a real offer that makes everyone happy.

21 bil, I’d rather keep things on the forums with no behind the scenes PMs. I don’t know what said “real offer” is but my offers aren’t false…

21,5 Bil
Ok i agree. So If she can give us a B/O…

Hey u both.

I am happy with the current price. ending auction at 20:30 eve time.

22 bil

22.5 bil

23 bil


24 Bil offer.
Waiting for 20:30…

25 bil

25.5Bil offer!



26 bil

Slug send the isk and ill get the transfer started

Isk and account info sent to the character