WTS allmost maxed Rorq pilot 18.4 Mil sp /2xremap

WTS allmost maxed rorq pilot :


2x remap
75K unallocated sp

Starting bid 22B
B/O 30B

22 bil

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Auction ends in 12 hours.

If there is any more offers by some1 else now is time

22.5 bil

22,5 bil accepted.

You can send isk to Derposava and allso eve-mail with account informations.

Character is still for sale since @Intanki_Gibbon is not responding.

@PI_AKKKIA sin the higher bidder is not responding i can accept your offer 22B if offer is still up ?

22,2b is my offer

22.5b is my offer

23b is my new offer

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23B offer accepted from @Xanro_Gwuin

You can send isk and account info on Derposava.

23B offer accepted from @Xanro_Gwuin

you can send isk and account info on this char.

mail and isk sent

Mail and isk recived.

ok since im transfering char with PLEX , ill send ticket to CCP , and they will automaticly start transfer when they take plex from my acc.

ok thx i will wait

@Xanro_Gwuin ticket has been made , tickt id is 904138.

account recieved, thx alot

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