WTS Perfect Rorq pilot 25m sp


like the tittle say

capital industrial ship lvl4
t2 industrial core
panic mode

Starting bid 24b
b/o suprise me

i will let this run until i find a decent b/o offer.
All ccp rules applied
There is a delay on showing that he is in npc corp.

20b isk

24b B/O

25b ready

26b ready

27b :grinning:


Thanks for the decent offers.28b is the higher bid so far.I will let it run for a little more before I accept or if someone can meet 30b b/o offer I will sale

29b :slight_smile:

30B B/O

b/o accepted as soon as u sent isk and info account to this character i will start the transfer with plex.

ISK and account info sent in game. Thank you.

its gonna take some time

cheers mate

Character received! Thanks a lot!

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