I am for sale
Full improved set of implants with Overmind hawkmoth drone tuner s10-25t
In an NPC corp
Capital industrial 5
Max ice and reg excavator
i recieve isk
in empire space
plus wallet and sec status
no kill rights
Starting bid 25 bil
Buyout ??? make me an offer


I recieve isk and am for sale

Bump still for sale

25b buyout, isk ready

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make it 27 and im yours,am online if want to hash this out,going out soon for a few hours,if want send isk and will start transfer when i get back

26b buyout, isk ready

ok,i think i can offer it . so 27b isk is sent aiready ,plz comfirn it and start trans.

Sold, awaiting isk ,will begin transfer as soon as i get it

nothing yet, theone2hate if your interested at 27 bil i will accept as this other buyer is trolling i believe

wait for 2 min i will send isk

already sent isk,plz comfirm

Wasn’t sent 40 min after post. Out for another 20 min will check when I get back.

already sent

On my phone can’t confirm. Wasn’t there when you said you sent it. Make sure you sent to right character. If you sent in last few minutes I can’t confirm ATM.

ok,when u comfirm it,i am happy to waitting foe recvie your char

Isk recieved,will start transfer right away

ty bro.

ok transfer initiated,will be yours in 10 hrs i believe,thanks and enjoy

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