WTS 24.3m focuss rorq pilot

WTS 24.3m focuss rorq pilot
Ice Harvesting Drone Operation5
Mining Drone Specialization5
Mining Drone Operation5
Jump Drive Calibration4
Ice Harvesting5
Industrial Reconfiguration5
Invulnerability Core Operation 5
Capital Industrial Ships4

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/jkl_Isimazu bid23b

23.5b offer


24.5b offer


25b offer

26b BO

I accept your offer. Please send isk and account info。

Ok, will Sent isk and acc.name when home, approx. one hour

isk sent and acc.name given by mail.

thnx for doin business

When can you transfer the char?

Support ticket sent, no response from seller for 24 hours.

Please transfer char or respond here before CCP looks into it.

I didn’t recive money and mail.pls check

Isk and mail sent too toon bein sold, as per rules.

Have you checked on the toon that is for sale?
26b isk and i sent him a mail with my acc.name aswell.

sorry ,i make mistake, money has recevied,i will do it right now


already do it. Will be completed after: 3/13/2020 11:42:59 PM

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