WTS 63+ mSP. Focused Ishtar/Deimos pilot. perfect drones, gunnery, supports. Great ewar skills

Want to sell me https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ekiba

High Lights

Ideal Ishtar/Deimos pilot which can support you as ewar.
All Drones V,
All Core V,
Gunnery support V.

3 Jumpclones ( empty one + improved “study” implants set + 4 genolution set )
Positive wallet + Located Hi-Sec + In NPC Corp


  • I am responsible for paying CCP the character transfer fee.
  • Please leave a note here that you have sent me an ingame message (I rarely login and may miss your correspondence).

That is to me ^ ^

45b to get you started. If you’ll discuss a lower buyout I have the isk ready for today potentially.

The character being sold must receive the ISK for the purchase and only ISK. Characters may not be sold in exchange for items.

All rules must be followed

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Adjusted advertisement accordingly

Bump ^^

I am great Eagle pilot as well :slight_smile:

Buyout reduced

I can do abyssal anomalies in Deimos as well :wink:

For sale

40B if done within the next two hours.


Still for sale




Thanks for the offer, but I am so value this char that it would almost hurt to accept it :slight_smile:

Still for sale.

50 bil so far (Im training, - price gonna grow)

Interceptors V


49B ISK rdy