SOLD WTS female hecate/ishtar ilot with extras 14.2m

14.2m sp

Ishtar Pilot / Hecate pilot
Heavy drones V
good hecate / catalyst plot, good weapons and all
cyber v with implants

Both are in high sec, positive wallet, no kill rights, i enter in a moment to proff identity.

I am not reading eve mail, offer in the thread.

COnsiderng the price of Injectors, i am selling her for 10.5

Price edited becauseThe NES offer in omega expired, then the price now is 10.5 open saturday, sunday will be closed.


Its for sale anyway, no close.

The problem is currently many people are offering in my threadsas or other below the extraction value, and is not business in that way.

I’ll give you 9B for it.

I need frree the slot, i accept your offer.

Disclaimer : i sent the pilot in five hours aprox. I am not in the house i have the eve computer.

Send me the isk and account name and i deliver in five hours aprox.

I will send the isk and account details in 5 hours also. I am also at work. You will have the details and ISK by 1930 EvE time.

Ok, please update the tread when you do so.

edit : ALready in house with my Eve computer.

Isk and account name sent

Transfer done, please confirm when you receive the CCP mail or the toon

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