WTS 2 Nice female Toons, 14.2 hecate/ishtar and 16.2m JF/orca/ SP. Look them

16.3m sp

  • 15 days to rorqual

  • Mining orca, specialization IV

  • Booster OCA, with implants and +5

  • Minmatar DST and Blockade runner

  • Minmatar Freighter

  • Jump freighter (NOMAD) with JDC V and JDO V
    cyber v with implants

14.2m sp

Ishtar Pilot / Hecate pilot
Heavy drones V
good hecate / catalyst plot, good weapons and all
cyber v with implants

Both are in high sec, positive wallet, no kill rights, i enter in a moment to proff identity.

I am not reading eve mail, offer in the thread.

Offer nice and i sell them

Yes i am for sale.

Yes i am for sale.

I bid 5b on Shiva Alimad

shiva allmad, i bid 5.5b
do you also pay transfer?

your offer is very low becuse extrating directly give me more money.

Thje question of if i pay transfer or not is redundnt, please red the rules, i mus to do so.

Guys, both muted.

how much do u want for it?

Considering the price of similar toons here, and the price of extractors, the min bid is

12b for Shiva and 10.5 for Jituimoe

Me was sold, jituimoe is available.

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