WTB JF / Rorqual Pilot

Looking primarily for a JF pilot but will also consider a Rorqual pilot that is close to getting in a JF. Any mining skills or industry skills are a bonus. Cyber V preferred .

Still looking for this

Anyone selling a JF pilot ?

Looking for a JF pilot still

What about me perfect JF pilot and Cyber V, Training for Rouq now 400k Unallocated SP

Price ?

Still looking

Still looking for that JF alt !

How much will you buy it for?


1 h for JF

EveSkillboard - SARA DEMIN

3h from Caldari JF and pretty optimum Rorqual skills



WTS 2 Nice female Toons, 14.2 hecate/ishtar and 16.2m JF/orca/ SP. Look them - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

Shiva can be the pilot you seeking.

Thanks for all my posts but my budget is around 10-12b. Anything over then that I cannot buy sorry :frowning: