WTB JF pilot

Rhea or Anshar

I have a character with mastery V on a Rhea jf. Interested?


A password is required

how much

sorry about password. try again. EveSkillboard - Padrick Gaterau

sorry I need pure jf polot

up again

What’s the budget you are working with?



8.5B is ok?

If you could do 9b I can have him ready for transfer and in Jita in 5 min

Your skill points are only 10.9m
Your price is high

up again

I will do the 8.5b if you are still wanting the character

sure. I will send the isk and account information in the game in three hours.

Ok will start the transfer as soon as it’s sent

ISK and account info sent in game

Transfer done on my end.