SOLD WTS Female Loki Pilot 20.4m with 3.3m unallocated born 2005

I am levaing the game for some time and want sell this pilot to plex my main when i am not playing.

  • many books
  • combat oriented
  • cyber 5 + implants
  • very short corp history
  • gallente cruiser V * can sit in a ishtar
  • minmatar frigate and destroyer v (assault frigates and svipul ready, can be sabre later)
  • mining frigate v (my idea was turning her in a cyno for covops later)

is in high sec, no killing rights , all cccp rules apply.

I know the extract value is 31 extractors (9.3 b) plus implants and the basic 5m points, no low offers please.

The account turn alpha the wednesday, and i am transferring other char now, soonest i can transfer is in six hours.

If interested answer thread, dont reading eve mail.

hey, i can take it before DT for 8b. its really a bare minimum character but i can put some time and patience in.

Less than extract valuue, non thanks

after you buy and sell the injectors, pay taxes, and time i think you end up around 8b. thats why i offered it.

NO thanks.

I can offer you 12b, but tomorrow. i am in work and cant sent the isk now.

i was thinking in 12.5 but i can sell at 12, if nobody more offr 12.5, i sell to you tomorrow.

Sent the isk and account name when you are ready.

12b received, and account i transfer in 20 min

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