• Eveboard is current and accurate

  • I am going to extract 18.5m SP and will sell the remaining 5m sp of your choice

  • I come with a mid grade snake set and +5s to navi and missiles

    I also come with over 1.5b value in skins

  • I have no remaps available and am currently mapped for perception and willpower

  • I have no kill rights for or against me

  • I will be located in high sec at the time of transfer

I have a 2nd post selling brutor with current SP so whichever deal is made first determines extractions or not


Please bit the link and i can get an offer, i rememebr you say somethingabout standings.

I can pay well your 5m girl.

I offer you 5b for :

*Able to fly
stiletto interceptor
i know loki need 42 minutes, please dont extract LOW loki ,
Tactical Shield Manipulation 4


so to confirm you want;
minmatar cruiser 5
minmatar frigate 5
Interceptor 1
evasive maneuv 5
hull upgrades 5
cybernetics 5
mechanics 5
tactical shield manipulation at 4

Yeah, isk ready.

I accept, send isk / acc info and I will begin extracting / leaving those skills at those lvls for you and training interceptors to lvl 1 for transfer


I am sending first 4.7b and in ten minutes other 300m, in this char.


My boss was here, 4.7 send, 5 min and i send the diff.

300 m sent,. acc name sent

i use the word hershey

I have received the full 5m payment and am finishing up moving a few assets and then I will begin the extractions leaving this character with the following skills;

Minmatar Cruiser lvl 5
Minmatar Frigate lvl 5
Interceptors lvl 1
Evasive maneuvering lvl 5
Hull Upgrades lvl 5
Mechanics lvl 5
Cybernetics lvl 5
Tactical Shield Manipulation lvl 4

@inactive_seller, if u want later sell the character contact me ( i am trying to get only brutor or dark skin pilots and in these case the skills make her multi purpose ).

I do so. I need move some lokis from nullsec and later can sold her ( as i said before, go to take a three months of real life duties, but i contact you when ready / back )

I have fully extracted to your expectations and when deleting my mail and notes I accidentally deleted your account information. Please resend your account name and I can begin transfer immediately

one sec.

already sent, p´ñlease confirm you receive.

received and initiating transfer

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Brutor Lynx

Will be completed after: 3/6/2018 11:38:37 AM

If you did not initiate this character transfer, please file a ticket to Customer Support.

Pilot received. @emsar_mannar send me an evemail later ( i can clean the criminal status if u want )