SOLD Two Nice Pilots for sale 5m aprox

Hi, i have this pilots for sale.

FEMALE : have mid snake implants see in jump clones.

He was a misioneercaldari, can pull any level 4 missions.

Price, i have not idea. I am seeking a similar character capable to pull lvl 4 gallente/minmatar. but offer some decent and i sale.

Disclaimer :

For road connection issues, I deliver today night and the sele of the male is conditioned to receive first other pilot i purchase.

both will be in high sec, i think no killing rights (brutor was active PVP before me) , positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

If interested answer the thread, dont reading eve mail in any character

Price, offer

I am for sale.

I am for sale as stated.

whats buyout for both

You might be interested in a 7M SP character I’m currently selling.
Has excellent Gallente and Minmatar standings.

@izardx_Madullier give me 7b

@ProfCooper, maybe i can purchae you. Can u put a link in for see corporations ?


SOLD, at 6b, i transfer when i go home night, or sooner if someone purchase me this pilots ( cant navigate in my laptop in space )

3,7b for Brutor Lynx

Brutor_lynx sold, send the isk and i deliver in 20 min

I have sent the isk and account name via ingame mail.
Pleasure doing business with you

Brutor Delivered =)

Pereat is for sale at 3.3, can deliver him in the night

Will buy Pereat_Diabolus for the price of 3.3bil.
Will send ISK and acct details shortly.

Thanks, i go to stay afk in that char for confirm operation

Details and ISK sent

Received, i transfer as soon i can, as you know i am serious, but receivng a toon in the same account.

Updating status.

Finished the original transfer
Waiting me to reciever a lst toon of other thread here in the account.
When received i sent to the second account stated (004) I update when more notices.

Updating Status :

Receiveing my other purchased toon
i deliver to second status stated (004) in 10.5 hours.

The transfer of pereat was done one moment ago, please confirm when you can.

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