Character Sold

Selling myself, Over 10m SP and still training.
Solid starter with core skills focus ready to go in any direction.

In NPC starter corp since creation and ready for transfer (I will pay fees).
2 Bonus remaps available.
Positive wallet and sec status.
No killrights
Located in Highsec NPC station.
(no password required)

Core skills done! “magic 14”-
All the eseential core skills for a PVP or PVE pilot! Omega trained, not just the alpha skills.
Full set of standard +4 implants

Clean history (no kills, no losses). Has simply been in station training but with RL taking over i will not have the time. Ready for her new home.

Offers considered. B/O 7.5b

Thanks for looking,

6B !!

Can we meet at 7.5?

its too much

it would be better to buy this. WTS 14mil SP Minmatar Pilot

You are welcome to buy this then. Best of luck

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I’ll offer 6.5b.

Thank you for your offer but i would expect 7.5b minimum to accept.

Trained Cybernetics to V and now training Biology to V.
At 9.4mil SP atm.

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Trained Biology to V and Training light drone operation to V now.
At 9.8mil SP atm.

Light Drone V and Training Infomorph Psychology to V.


Still for sale.

Infomorph Psychology V in next 6h. Still for sale

Would you take 7?

Send isk and account information and shes all yours.