Hello there, 18,3m SP

Basic Leviathan pilot,

  • JDC 5
  • Caldari Titan already injected and trained
  • Blue Tiger and Raata Sunset skin unlocked
  • Remap available (+2 bonus)

Any offer

10 bil

13 B.

15b isk ready now

daily bump

Do you decline my offer?

trying to see how much I can get, this is just the second day, sorry

I’d like to buyout please. I’ll offer you 17b to buyout the character now. Otherwise my 15b offer stands.

17b is ok,

please send the isk and let me know your account name and we can start the transfer

Isk and account info sent. Awaiting transfer.


Isk and account name received,

Character transfer initiated

Thanks for the business

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