Minnie rag titan pilot - 2 days from titan 5

This character will receive the ISK.

located in Jita
No kill rights
Positive Sec status
Positive Isk

Good jump skills
tech 2 guns
decent tanking skills etc
Can also fly t2 fit nag.


starting bid 45b
buy out 55b

Happy Bidding.

Any implants other than standard set?
Anyway, 43b bid.

Just the standard implant set, thanks for the bid.



48 B.

Thanks for the offers, i’ll Leave it for another day or so but will drop the buy out to 52b.

I will pay 52b,Tell me the payment account pls。

Isk must be transferred to this character. Please send isk and eve mail me the account name to send character to.

Thank you.

Thanks for bid btw and yes I accept the offer.

how about my offer? i sent message in game

It came after estemai, so I will accept the first buy out which is his. If he doesn’t send the isk by later today i’ll let you know.

sounds good,so how long would you wait for him?

I will payment within two hours~thx~

hello i really like this char, if you don’t mind i can pay you 1b for giving up

isk and account send,wait for char transfer~thx~

I’m sorry, I also like。=,=!

Thanks I’ve started the transfer, should be with you in next 12 hours.

I received the role,Happy trading~thx~

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