Sold Out:50M SP for Caldari Titan

0 kill rights
0 jump clones
25M ISK in wallet
1 player legion employment record
Can fly : Leviathan Phoenix etc,
Location: Jita 4-4
SkillBoard: Soul Doul Skill & Standings Sheet (

Start at:45B

46B offer

Hey,add 1B to 47B,if you can,we will make the deal.

Deal at 47B

Deal,send the email in the game ,Im outside right now ,I will check the email and do the next steps as soon as possible

Excellent! Isk and evemail sent. Awaiting character transfer.

Ok,another character in this account is transferring,you may waiting for few hours,have fun ,I will send mail in the game when I began to transfer,you may check by the time.

Deal done! Transfer completed! Have fun!

I don’t see the character quite yet, I’ll check again when I get home. I’ve never done this, so I’m assuming I will see something in my character window that says ‘in progress’ or something?

I just finished the transfer steps,it maybe need few hours you can recieve the character in your account

Ok, maybe this is within the 10 hour waiting period and I don’t see anything pending until the transfer happens. I’ll check back late tonight or tomorrow morning, after the 10 hours has elapsed.

If you log into the account management section of the eve website and click character transfer at the bottom, it will tell you one is in progress and the estimated time of completion.

Ahh , thank you! Looks like we are all set. .

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